Should You Try Suboxone Maintenance

by pgh on December 23, 2011

Try Suboxone Maintenance

Try Suboxone Maintenance

Try Suboxone Maintenance Treatment for Oxycontin Addiction

Oxycontin Addiction is devastating for many people and you may want to try suboxone maintenance treatment if you have an addiction to Oxycontin. Until recently, the main choices for treatment have been abstinence for going to a Methadone clinic. Addiction to any narcotic can be helped with Suboxone maintenance treatment. One should undertand the potential benefits and the potential problems with Suboxone before starting treatment. Methadone clinics have been available in major cities for decades while Suboxone Clinics are less available.

Quitting Oxycontin and trying Suboxone Maintenance has several considerations. First, sometimes the switch can be uncomfortable. Patients will experience some opioid withdrawal until they are stabilized on the Suboxone. Sometimes this withdrawal can be severe. Second, many addicts feel that Suboxone does not cover their addictive needs and cravings. Third, they type of professional support that is available at Methadone Clinics is not available at you doctor’s Suboxone clinic.

Try Suboxone Maintenance : Medication Issues

When one is going to try Suboxone Maintenance, they first need to go through Suboxone Induction. This is where the Oxycontin (or narcotic) is stopped and the Suboxone is started. It is not as simple as just beginning Suboxone. Getting to try Suboxone maintenance while on a full dose of Oxycontin can produce severe narcotic withdrawals despite the fact that Suboxone is a narcotic. This has to do with how Suboxone is made. This should be done under the supervision of a doctor.

Another issue is that even after getting started on Suboxone, some addicts feel they are still having cravings. They don’t feel “back to normal” like they would have with the use of Methadone. This has to do with the fact that Suboxone only works to a certain dose and doesn’t work at higher and higher doses. This period of deciding whether Suboxone is going to work for you should only take one or two weeks. Think about this if you want to try suboxone maintenance.

Try Suboxone Maintenance : Or Methadone Maintenance

Methadone pharmacology is such that it is a full mu opioid agonist. This means it has no “ceiling effect.” The higher the dose of Methadone, the more sedation and respiratory depression one will get. In overdose, people will stop breathing. These are the major problems. However, since Methadone works at higher and higher doses, many addicts feel they can get it increased to the right level for them. This is unlike Suboxone where it doesn’t get any better after a certain dose.

When someone is going to try Suboxone Maintenance, their doctor will reduce the Oxycontin , Methadone, Vicodin, or other narcotic, down to the equivalent of 40mg of Methadone before starting the Suboxone. Narcotic conversion charts can be used for this. If a patient is unable to get the dose down to this level without relapsing or having too much difficulty, they may have to go to Methadone Maintenance Treatment.

Try Suboxone Maintenance : Other Considerations

A “Suboxone Clinic” is typically a doctor in his own private office. Sometimes they are associated with hospitals, but the vast majority are just in offices. One gets brief counseling from their physician like in any doctor appointment. On the other hand, Methadone Clinics are staffed with individuals who have mental health experience including a Psychiatrist. Most patients with a true narcotic addiction have psychiatric issues that need to be treated. They may have severe depression, panic attacks, or bipolar illness. These are only a few. Help for these will be available.

Methadone clinics also have other services. They may have arrangements with job training services to help the unemployed. They have access to Social Workers who can help those without housing and food. Many patients don’t mind being around so many others at a Methadone clinic, but some patients feel there is a lack of privacy and would rather see there own doctor. Besides improved safety, Suboxone treatment has the advantage of being more private, and requires less time. Visits are monthly instead of daily.

Try Suboxone Maintenance : Summary

If you want to try Suboxone Maintenance you should know it has helped thousands of patients. Methadone treatment may be a better choice for those with addiction problems that require a lot of medication. Although Methadone Maintenance is less convenient and less private, it is the right choice for many. If you don’t require assistance by staff to find meals or a home and want to see your own doctor, Suboxone may be a better choice.

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