OxyContin Withdrawal and Oxycodone Withdrawal Help

by pgh on August 1, 2011

Oxycontin Withdrawal Oxycodone Withdrawal

Oxycontin Withdrawal Oxycodone Withdrawal

OxyContin Withdrawal and Oxycodone Withdrawal Information

Oxycontin Withdrawal happens from coming off the narcotic painkiller oxycontin. Pain-killers are made to ease the pain a person is experiencing. If the pain won’t stop, a higher dose is needed. There are various kinds of pain-killers.

OxyContin is a time released drug used to ease severe and chronic pain. The use of Oxycontin should be under doctors supervision. Since its main component is Oxycodone, OxyContin is a powerful pain-killer. Continued use of the medicine allows the body to adopt to it. A usual dose may not be enough to eliminate pain. A higher dosage may be requested.

What Happens During Oxycontin Withdrawal ?

An abrupt removal of medicine may cause OxyContin withdrawal symptoms. A person who wants to stop using OxyContin does not mean that he or she is addicted with the medicine. There are many cases in which people want to stop using OxyContin because they need to. Not all are successful from getting rid of it instantly. OxyContin withdrawal symptoms are easy to detect. A person may experience sudden weight loss, restlessness, insomnia, sweating, hypothermia, diarrhea and excessive pain in the extremities. They will also experience the urge to get back on the drug. The symptoms are similar when one is withdrawing from other drug addiction like heroin or methadone. These symptoms can be felt shortly after the medicine effect expires. Some say that it’s like having flu, but worse.

Oxycontin withdrawal is not easy to manage. The use of gradual opioid withdrawal is usually done.  It doesn’t necessarily mean that the symptoms will not occur. It will still be there but not as much when done abruptly. Even during detoxification period, the symptoms will still be experienced by the person. Treatment to eliminate the use of OxyContin is possible. Dose tapering, detox and treatment and medicine and management are few of the process to eliminate OxyContin in the body. These procedures are not done by the person alone.  There are many treatment centers that can help a person who wants to stop using the drug. They teach a patient how to manage OxyContin withdrawal symptoms.

If not addicted with the drug, the treatment should not take long. Various programs are taught to patients on how to handle these symptoms. At some cases, help from family members is also requested. Remember that a patient will need support from familiar people. This way, treatment and recovery of the patient will be faster.

Summary of Oxycontin Withdrawal

While OxyContin is an effective medicine to eliminate pain, it should be taken only when a doctor advise a person or patient to do so. Dependency with the drug may cause severe effects to a person using it. Always consult a physician when one is taking in the drug. Do not stop the use of OxyContin without talking to a physician. OxyContin withdrawal is a serious matter. Abrupt elimination may cause harm to the person. Treatment to lessen the effect of withdrawal symptoms is possible if a person asks for help.

Oxycontin Treatment Directory For Oxycontin Withdrawal

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