Oxycontin Withdrawal and Withdrawal from Oxycodone

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Oxycontin Withdrawal

Oxycontin Withdrawal

Although Oxycontin is a prescribed opioid pain medication, usage over long periods or abuse of the drug can cause oxycontin withdrawal symptoms. A person going through withdrawals can suffer both physical and psychological pain.

When someone has taken doses of Oxycontin for a prolonged amount of time, their body becomes immune to its effects, therefore pushing people to raise their doses. Increasing dosage for a lengthened time can be very harmful and can cause someone to become addicted to Oxycontin. Once addiction has taken over, weaning someone off the drug is difficult and painful, but very possible with the proper help and support.

Although not all cases point to abuse of the drug, abruptly stopping the use of Oxycontin can create severe withdrawal symptoms in a person as well.

General Symptoms of Oxycontin Withdrawal

The symptoms of Oxycontin withdrawal are almost like flu symptoms, except more acute. They are very similar to methadone side effects (withdrawal). These symptoms are very painful but not life-threatening. They can include the following; heart palpitations, body aches, fatigue, anxiety, depression, mood swings, runny nose, coughing, sweating, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.

The length of the withdrawal period differs from person to person. If someone has been taking a high dosage of Oxycontin for a prolonged amount of time, withdrawal can last longer and can be more intense.

How to Get Help for Oxycontin Withdrawal

Usually, when a medical professional prescribes Oxycontin to someone, they prescribe only a certain dosage for a certain amount of time. Doctors usually decrease the dosage as time goes on so that symptoms of withdrawal are less severe.

Although slowly eliminating the drug from daily use is possible, sometimes people cannot resist it or will resist it for some time and then start using the medication again. It is not uncommon for someone to try and get off the drug by themselves, but it is difficult.

It is highly recommended that people trying to stop using Oxycontin seek medical help. Medical professionals can help someone safely detox and remain Oxycontin free in the future. The use of suboxone treatment has been very helpful in oxycontin treatment and it will stop oxycontin withdrawal. They can also help in the post-detox phase and keep people from relapsing by teaching them effective ways to avoid cravings.

Oxycodone Withdrawal

Oxycodone is also a prescription opioid pain medication like Oxycontin. While Oxycodone can be taken by itself, it can be an active ingredient in other medications, such as Oxycontin. If taken for prolonged duration, a person can become addicted to Oxycodone and can suffer severe withdrawal symptoms when trying to discontinue use as well.

General Withdrawal Symptoms of Oxycodone

Oxycodone withdrawal symptoms can feel much like cold symptoms. Other symptoms include: insomnia, muscle pain and weakness, nausea, vomiting, anxiety, and fever.

Discontinuing the use of Oxycodone abruptly can lead to withdrawal symptoms – as well as prolonged usage of the drug. Going through withdrawal is normal for these highly potent painkillers and therefore treatment and support for withdrawal should be administered.

How to Get Help for Oxycodone Withdrawal

While stopping Oxycodone cold turkey may be an easy option, it is difficult since it can lead to very abrupt changes in a person and can have adverse effects. People who try to stop using Oxycodone themselves can develop bad habits. For instance, the pain that Oxycodone withdrawal brings about can make someone want to revert to using Oxycodone to stop the pain. This is certainly not a healthy way of weaning off the drug or lessening withdrawal pain. Taking this action can have adverse effects.

When a doctor administers Oxycodone to a patient, it is usually for a certain dosage and for a certain amount of time. Over time, the doctor will decrease dosage of the medicine so that withdrawal symptoms are less severe.

It is important and extremely helpful to receive help if you or someone you know is going through Oxycodone withdrawal or is abusing the medication. Professional healthcare providers give help and support to patients who would like to stay off the medicine for the future in a safe and secure environment.

Oxycontin Treatment Directory

Dr. Rich specializes in the treatment of opioid addiction with buprenorphine and runs a . Here is the link to the treatment directory: http://oxycontintreatmentdirectory.com/find-a-treatment-center/ Dr. Rich has written more articles on buprenorphine (Suboxone) including frequently asked questions and the Suboxone Detox : The Solution for Opioid Addiction?


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