Oxycontin Lyrics – Not Cool For Oxycontin Addiction After All

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Oxycontin Lyrics

Oxycontin Lyrics

Oxycontin Lyrics

Are oxycontin lyrics that cool? Did you know that they are now making songs about Oxycontin with lyrics glorifying its usage as a recreational drug? As shocking as that news may be to you – it is true. One of the leading rap artists actually made a song about Oxycontin and although the lyrics might be fun to listen to, there is actually nothing “cool” about the recreational use of Oxycontin and the addiction it causes – regardless of what the Oxycontin song lyrics may say.

When you listen to the lyrics of the song that is actually entitled “Oxycontin” it exhibits some of the effects that Oxycontin has on the human mind and body, but the Oxycontin lyrics and the popularity of the song just shows how widespread the abuse of this substance has become. In reality, this drug is no joke and should not be glorified in any way, shape, or form. It is highly addictive and has severe side effects for those who do become addicted to it. It is not like oxycontin lyrics.

How It Starts

Many people start the use of Oxycontin because a doctor prescribes them the medication. Those who suffer from chronic pain, cancer, or have been through surgery recently, are prescribed this drug. Initially, Oxycontin helps alleviate severe pain, so it certainly serves its purpose there. However, extended usage of it can lead to bigger problems in the form of addiction.

Now, there is a huge underground market where people are actually selling their prescriptions. As a result teenagers now have a greater access to this drug than ever before and the numbers of addictions are on the rise in those who haven’t finished high school yet.

Addiction to Oxycontin

Addiction to Oxycontin, whether brought upon by prescription pills or self-prescribed, has a detrimental effect on the lives of those who abuse it. A recent survey showed that 1 out of every 20 high school seniors has admitted to taking this drug. Although Oxycontin helps relieve severe pain – which most of these kids don’t have – it can be extremely addictive when abused. Another survey by the National Institute on Drug Abuse indicated that the abuse of this drug has increased by 40% among high school seniors. This is a very disturbing fact, one that should be taken notice of and addressed very quickly.

Don’t Sing the Tune of Oxycontin Lyrics in Reality

Songs like Oxycontin may have lyrics that portray this drug as “cool” and “relaxing” to teenagers, but the effects are quite the opposite.  A person who uses this drug will start to lose weight dramatically within a matter of weeks. In addition, they start isolating themselves because human interaction seems to “mess up” their high. So they end up socializing only with those who also abuse Oxycontin – which of course only makes things worse and fuels the usage. This can become a viscous cycle and if not discovered at the right time, severe cases of addiction can even be fatal at times.

Teenagers are at Risk

The unfortunate aspect is that the song Oxycontin and its oxcontin lyrics are primarily heard by teenagers – teenagers who are young, naïve, and willing to try new things. Abuse of this substance might initially seem like it is something that can be kept in control. However, according to interviews conducted with high school students, the facts were very different.

Real Accounts of Oxycontin Abuse : Not Like Oxycontin Lyrics

One teenager said that just after a week of use, Oxycontin had a tight grip on him. It came to the point where if he didn’t take up to 2 pills a day, he would feel nauseous and want to vomit. This led him to only digging himself a deeper hole over time. He stated that the withdrawal symptoms were so bad, that he felt like there was a jackhammer ravaging his brain. The student almost felt like he was going to die at one point because he was sweating so profusely and in such severe pain. Then the other minute he would feel like someone stuck him in an ice cold freezer.

So for those teenagers who think that the song Oxycontin and its Oxycontin lyrics are really cool, this is just the initial warning for things to come ahead. The slightest abuse of this drug can ruin their lives. If they are already using Oxycotin – even if they are in the very beginning of their usage – it is critical that you get them the professional help that they need in order to address this usage before it turns into an addiction.

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