Help A Loved One With Oxycontin Drug Dependence

by pgh on October 14, 2011

Oxycontin Drug Dependence | Getting Help For Those Close To You 

Drug Dependence

Drug Dependence

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Getting assistance for a friend with oxycontin drug dependence is a hard process. It is easier said than done to confront your friend and converse the trouble they are experiencing.  Some may anticipate losing the friendship while others fear the friend will start taking even more medications.  There are a couple parts to this process. The first thing is meeting with the person you know and having a talk with them about what you think is their drug dependence.  The other piece is getting the assistance that is all right for them.

At the time you are getting set to relate with your friend about their oxycontin drug dependence, make sure you are in a discreet location.  Try to catch them when each of you are not under a lot of stress. Schedule something fun on the weekend with the family member would be one idea. Try to start by transmitting to them you care for them and that you are alarmed at things that are happening in their life. Clarify the problems that you have heard happening with them and tell them you are hoping they will want to get support. You wish to see how agreeable the family member is to get help.

Some persons with a oxycontin drug dependence may respond well to being requested to get help by a person who cares.  They may just needed a little push to strart looking into treatment.  Most likely, the loved one will not be willing to seek treatment right away. The procedure of making a choice to get support with a drug dependence can take many months or even years.  Simply reminding the family member off and on the problems you see is the most practical action you can take.  If you are seeing the family member doing things that put them or others in danger, you can go to any local drug treatment center and ask for help.  They will lend a hand in deciding whether there needs to be lawful steps taken or if the person you know needs immediate treatment against their personal will for their oxycontin drug dependence.

Forcing drug dependence treatment on a person you know is only to separate them from immediate harm.  Despite the fact some people do respond to compelled treatment, many do not. When they are discharged, they may be skeptical to get any more help from others.  Drug addiction treatment is a long course of action.  A brief stay in a special hospital will only get them on the way of improvement, but they are going to have the need for ongoing encouragement for many months or years. Getting them support requires a lot of willingness to endure.

Getting Medication Help with Oxycontin Drug Dependence

The approach for oxycontin drug dependence has modernized over the last twenty years.  There are a few new drug treatments that may be advantageous.  Not one of them is an antidote, and each one has it’s problems, but many patients have been improved.

Drug dependence to oxycontin and opioid drugs is a problem that is becoming confirmed as problematic.  May clients have been introduced on pain pills for a special problem such as leg pain.  We are not clear why, but a portion of these people will ,in the course of time, for a drug dependence.  Previously, becoming addicted to opioids meant using IV drugs.  This is no longer the fact.  There are millions of patients dependent to physician prescribed pain pills at the present.

Some people can cease their drug dependence to narcotics by getting help from their physician with tapering from the oxycontin. Becoming sober from the narcotics works for nearly all people. Medications can be prescribed to assist lessening of the withdrawals from a reduction in the oxycontin.  Others feel the necessity for longer treatment.  They are switched to a new medication such as methadone, and slowly reduced from the medication over a period of months or years.

Some persons are not able to get off the drug without relapsing back to oxycontin drug dependence , so they are kept on the methadone for as long as required.  This is called methadone maintenance treatment.  There is an another medication, Suboxone, which is a newer drug that does the equivalent thing.  It is also more safe than using methadone.

There is one other choice for oxycontin drug dependence when sobriety is a problem.  This is the use of an opioid antagonist such as Vivitrol.  This medication blocks all oxycontin medication in the system so the persons will not experience elation.  This type of medication is now obtainable in a longer acting preparation.  It mainly helps an individual to not act on an impulse to use drugs because it won’t let them get doped.

Oxycontin Drug Dependence | Summing-up

Helping a someone with a drug dependence requires calmness and caring.  Reminding them of the difficulties in their life obtained from drugs and that you care for them and wish to see them look for help is the right way to help them.  Many people take years to decide to accept drug treatment.  For some, forced treatment makes them avoid getting assistance in the future. There are more recent drugs available for oxycontin treament and opioid drug dependence. Reviewing these medications with a general practitioner can help resolve which is the best for you or the person you know.

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