OxyContin Withdrawal Help : About Narcotic Addiction Help

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Oxycontin Withdrawal Help

Oxycontin Withdrawal Help

Oxycontin Withdrawal : About Oxycontin

OxyContin is a drug that is used to reduce pain in some narcotic patients. It is also used to eliminate pain among cancer patients. The medicine is given two times daily depending on the severity of the pain. This drug can become very addictive to patients who are using it. This is because it has a high content of oxycodone.

A patient using OxyContin requires time to eliminate the drug. OxyContin is like the other narcotic pain-killers. Frequent use makes the body to become dependent to it. When this happens, a small dose will not be able to ease the pain the patient is feeling. The dosage of OxyColin may increase. Since it is highly addictive, reduced dosage should be given gradually. OxyContin withdrawal is experienced by a patient during these times. When this happens, it is suggested to seek OxyContin withdrawal help.

Treatment For Oxycontin Withdrawal

In U.S., there are treatment centers that were established to aid patients that need rehabilitation and treatment for narcotic dependence. There are methadone treatment centers and buprenorphine doctors. Treatment centers are available in every state. Each treatment center caters to those in need of rehabilitation and treatment from drugs, detox and alcohol addiction. OxyContin withdrawal help is available in these centers. In most treatment centers, involvement of family members is required to help a faster recovery and treatment of the patient. With the consent of the patient, family members are allowed to join their program once or twice a month depending on the house rules of the center. They provide a specialized system of recovery and provide a quality service. A team of psychologists, psychiatrists, qualified addiction therapists,counsellors, therapists and nutritionists are all provided in every treatment center. They guarantee the confidentiality on each treatment of a patient.

The Importance of Oxycontin Withdrawal Treatment

OxyContin withdrawal is a serious matter. Symptoms may be experienced like nausea, sleeplessness, loss of appetite, constipation, chills, hot flashes and cold sweat. It may affect the whole being of a person suffering from it. A person may also experience extreme pain and emotional distress. Self-pitty often happens specially if it affected the social life of a patient. Inability to go back to work is also possible. These withdrawal symptoms are unbearable to both patient and family. Although self-help is possible, it is still best to ask for help.

Sef-help or self treatment is possible, but often the addict needs the help of others. Illicit drug ingestion may harm the person. It could lead to hospitalization or rehabilitation. Although there are number of outpatients practicing self-help, they may better benefit from the help of others. A visit to the treatment center is urged. Usually, OxyContin withdrawal is a short term treatment. But this will depend on how the patient responds to the treatment. OxyContin withdrawal help is easy to find. One can also consult their physician for the list of treatment centers and doctors who can give help. OxyContin can be life threatening if it is used in excessive amount. It is best to know the pros and cons of the drug before even getting one. Always ask a physician on what to expect before taking in the drug.

Oxycontin Treatment Directory

Dr. Rich is a Board Certified Psychiatrist with licenses in Texas and Hawaii. He specialized in the treatment of opioid addiction with buprenorphine and runs a FREE locator service to find Oxycontin Treament including Suboxone treatment of oxycontin addiction. Oxycontin Treatment Directory in your area.
Dr. Rich has written more articles on buprenorphine (Suboxone) including frequently asked questions and the REAL COST of Suboxone.

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