Detoxing from Oxycodone : Things To Know About Withdrawal

by pgh on July 31, 2011

Detoxing from Oxycodone

Detoxing from Oxycodone

Detoxing from Oxycodone

Detoxing from oxycodone is a hard thing to do. While it is true that Oxycodone is a strong and effective pain-killer, getting it out of the system always hard. It is never easy to stop using Oxycodone. Abruptly stopping oxycodone may cause a person medical problems. Doctors don’t tell their patient to stop it in suddenly without support. Gradually reducing the dosage is possible but done as advised by a doctor. There are proper ways to stop the use of Oxycodone. Detoxing from oxycodone in a medical setting may be one of the many ways.

Detoxing From Oxycodone on Your Own

Self-detox is not advised by most physicians. Some patients who have tried doing the method by themselves do not suggest it either. Detoxing from oxycodone at home may worsen the health condition of a patient. This is because they may have existing health problems that could worsen. They may not be able to execute the proper procedure of detoxification. One should always remember that when detoxing, withdrawal symptoms will be experienced. As the symptoms gets worse everyday, it takes great courage to finish the process of detox.

Where Should You Detox From Oxycodone

There are some physicians who do not offer detox from Oxycodone. This is because the process may not be included on their field of specialization. A patient may ask for a recommendation or list of physicians names that offer such procedure. Opioid treatment centers may also be taken into consideration. These centers specialize in detoxing from oxycodone and other opioids. Teams in the center are well trained in handling and treating patients who want detoxing Oxycodone. Patients should be very optimistic and determined to get the treatment. It is not going to be easy and treatment may take a while. The symptoms that will be triggered and the pain that a patient will feel will be very difficult to handle. If a patient lacks the commitment, detoxing may be impossible. Cases like these makes treatment a failure and they resort back to using Oxycodone again. This exactly why the involvement of family members is important during the treatment and during the initial recovery period of a patient. The support alone makes them feel that they are worth saving.

Increase water intake during the detox. Vitamin supplements are needed as well. A patient who is going through detoxing from Oxycodone may feel very weak. This is because they become restless and don’t eat a lot. It is also just part of the withdrawal. That is why detoxing at home is not advisable. It is better to get the treatment in a hospital or treatment centers. Substance abuse treatment centers can treat and counter-act the symptoms a patient may feel.

In conclusion, detoxing in Oxycodone is a serious matter. It needs a sit-down-talk with a physician. Ask all the possible things that may happen before deciding to do detox treatment. Be firm in you commitment to stop using oxycontin. Detoxing at home may not help a person get off oxycontin. It may worsen the situation. If a physician does not offer treatment, ask for a recommendation. Treatment centers are helpful as well. These centers can be found in every state. They have facilities and programs that will help patients to handle their withdrawal symptoms. They also accommodate outpatients who seek treatment.

Oxycontin Treatment Directory

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