Oxycontin Therapy | Drug Addiction Counseling | Network Therapy

by pgh on November 16, 2011

Oxycontin Therapy | Drug Addiction Counseling | Network Therapy 

Oxycontin Therapy

Oxycontin Therapy

This video class  on oxycontin therapy will have interest to counselors and doctors. The general surfer may find some points of use.

This is a review of a video class on Oxycontin therapy (technique) with the use of Network Therapy in the counseling of drug addiction including opioid dependence. This video class is part of the series of videos to assist with the physician clinical support system for buprenorphine treatment. To view the video class you can go here.

I believe this video class is not going to be helpful for the average person or patient.  That said, it is a fine review for counselors and clinicians desiring to learn more about Oxycontin therapy (technique) with network therapy.  Dr. Galanter has written text chapters and been involved with research in this area of counseling and his knowledge shows.

For those who are not necessarily interested in going to individual counseling, other step programs, or cognitive behavioral therapy, this is another approach one can talk about with your doctor. He will be able to do this or refer you to a doctor or therapist who will be able to administer this treatment.

What is Oxycontin therapy (technique) using network counseling?  It is not a hard concept.  Take an addict wanting to get off opioids and make a small network of supportive friends and family that will help with support and monitoring.  This network will convene regularly with the MD and update the progress of the patient. It is a non-confrontational approach. Medication use including methadone treatment or suboxone pills may be used during this therapy.

Oxycontin Therapy (Technique) with Network Therapy Highlights

  • Network Therapy: Using the Patient’s Family and Peer support for effective office practice
  • Review of psychiatric behavioral conditioning
  • Getting the patient to identify triggers to use
  • Mechanics of  network therapy
  • How to locate a support group with family and friends
  • Monitoring and accountability in the network
  • Convening with the network
  • Network reinforcement-rewards
  • No changing of the family structure
  • Partner reinforcement
  • Relapse prevention
  • Not psychodynamic treatment

Oxycontin Therapy (Technique) Network Therapy Review

I found this Oxycontin therapy (technique) video class interesting.  I have used this with my own patients.  I surethat it can be successfully employed and can be administered during initial oxycontin therapy.  The largest limitation to consider with this therapy is time.  It can take a lot of time to gather together a group of individuals  and meet periodically.  Frequent appointments will be too difficult for all in the network to attend.  Despite the type of counseling being non-confrontational, I do see it as a type of group  pressure which some may not like. Some patients may feel individual therapy a better choice for them.
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