Addiction To Opiates : Oxycontin and Other Narcotics

by pgh on July 27, 2011

Addiction to Opiates

Addiction to Opiates

What You Should Know About Addiction to Opiates

An addiction to opiates is the same as an addiction to narcotics. Opiates are a form of narcotics – which are used to help users become sedated and sleepy. In terms of drugs, they are considered to be downers because they have a mellowing effect on the user. Heroin is one of the most famous forms. There are many other opiates which are very strong and can cause severe numbness when used. Unfortunately, due to the “numbing” and “mellowing” effect, users become hooked. From that point it becomes very difficult to kick the addiction to the opiates and really the only way is to go through a drug rehab.

Opiates are not just Street Drugs

Many people out there never think twice about facing and addiction to opiates. We think of drug users on the streets and we never think about what may be sitting in our own medicine cabinets. The fact is that people are given prescriptions to opiates every day and many of these people who are prescribed this form of narcotic end up with an addiction to opiates. Doctors prescribe medication that contains opiates to patients whose medical conditions include cancer, chronic pain, or those who have recently been through surgery and are in the recovery process. The most common forms of opiates are listed below.

  • Oxycontin
  • Codeine
  • Morphine
  • Percodan
  • Vicodin
  • Ultram
  • Percocet
  • Oxycodone

Addiction to Opiates- What is it?

When a person develops a craving or need for opiates, they are facing an addiction to opiates. Since they don’t want to face the severe withdrawal symptoms associated with not taking them anymore, they continue to use them. Another reason, which is the primary reason for addiction to opiates, is that users enjoy the ecstatic and blissful “high” they get from the use of this drug. These two aspects make addiction to opiates a viscous cycle, where the user wants to keep on using the drug to get high, and they cannot leave it due to the severe withdrawal symptoms they get.
There are certain telltale signs that indicate addiction to opiates. To start off with, if a person has to take larger dosage of their prescribed medication, this is the first sign of addiction. This occurs because the user’s body develops a tolerance to the constant intake of the drug. Therefore, it needs a higher dosage every time a person does it.
Another sign is when users become too fixated on the drug – this is definitely a cause for concern. If a user begins to be overly concerned about how they will get their next dosage, then someone should step in and get professional help as an addiction to opiates can have severe consequences if left unattended to.

Get Help Immediately

People who are not given professional help in due time begin to face severe depression and may even want to commit suicide. Some additional signs to watch for is if a person looks physically disheveled – especially if that is not a typical thing for them. In addition, they will most likely lose a considerable amount of weight due to the decreased appetite the drug causes. They can also become very anti-social. They might also come down with pneumonia or liver disease after extended abuse as well.

What are the Causes of Addiction?

Users get addicted to opiates because their body reduces the product of endorphins. Endorphins are natural pain killers and they have a similar but lower intensity effect compared to opiates. Excess usage of opiates results in the brain not producing as many endorphins. So anyone who is using the drug for an extend period of time becomes heavily dependent on opiates since their body isn’t doing what it is supposed to anymore.
Break the Shackles of Opiate Addiction
Breaking the habit is certainly difficult when talking about addiction to opiates. However, it’s far from impossible. Addicts should be given the opportunity to recover from this addiction because it literally takes over their lives. There are several reputable rehab facilities that provide addicts the chance to break these shackles and move on from their addiction. If someone you know is addicted to opiates it is critical to get them the professional help they need immediately.

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