Welcome To The Oxycontin Addiction Treatment Directory

by pgh on October 20, 2011

Welcome To The Oxycontin Addiction and Oxycontin Treatment Directory 

Oxycontin Addiciton

Oxycontin Addiciton

If you are looking for a Oxycontin addiction treatment, feel free to use our free directory to find help near you. Oxycontin addition and opioid addiction can be treated with the medicaton Suboxone. Suboxone doctors has extra training to treat oxycontin addiction and opioid addiction with suboxone (buprenorphine)

Suboxone is a drug the has some differences an some similarities to methadone opioid addiction treatment. Oxycontin addiction is being successfully treated in the United States over the past ten years with suboxone. The medication suboxone was approved for opioid addicition treatment in the United States about a decade ago. Suboxone detox or suboxone maintenance treatment has been used for a variety of opioid addictions. These include treatment for heroin addiction oxycontin addiction, and painkiller addiction.

How Do Suboxone Doctors Treat Oxycontin Addiction?

You can discover more here about the training suboxone doctors must do to treat Oxycontin addiction. When treating oxycontin addiction with suboxone, the great thing is it is usually done through physicians office. It is not as inconvenient and embarrassing as having to go to a methadone clinic for many. When a patient on a stable dose of suboxone, they are eligible to receive a prescription once every four weeks rather than having to go more frequently as is usually the case with a methadone maintenance facility or other opioid addiction treatment center.

You may be unaware, but your own physician may be treating oxycontin addiction with suboxone. Over ten thousand doctors in the United States are now able to prescribe suboxone for oxycontin addiction and opioid addiction. This means your own physician could be trained in prescribing suboxone. If you are searching for a doctor to prescribe suboxone for oxycontin addiction, you will be able to find one using our oxycontin treatment directory and suboxone doctor directory.

Oxycontin Addiction Treatment : Why Find a Suboxone Doctor ?

Suboxone treatment for oxycontin addiction has many advantages. You can find out more about the benefits of oxycontin addiction treatment by searching the articles on this site. Suboxone has been sucessfully used during pregnancy in mothers with an oxycontin addiction.

Oxycontin addiction treatment is not just for the individuals who inject the opioids. People with all areas of society can develop an opioid addiction. Suboxone, for the past ten years has been to help treat patints with a prescription painkiller addiction. Many patients who started being treated for pain with narcotics ended getting “hooked” on their opioid. One example is developing an oxycontin addiction.

Some patients with very severe oxycontin addiction may not do as well on suboxone. Only by talking to a oxycontin addiction treatment suboxone doctor will you and your doctor be able to find out if you are in the category. To find out how much of an oxycontin addiciton you have and the treatment approach best for you, use our oxycontin addiction directiory to find help near you.

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