Drug Addiction : How To Get Oxycontin Long-Term Treatment

by pgh on October 13, 2011

Long-Term Oxycontin Drug Addiction Treatment

Drug Addiction

Drug Addiction

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Oxycontin drug addiction affects not merely families, but the those near them. Over the last fifteen years, the volume of oxycontin prescriptions has risen dramatically.  The U.S. Government Accountability Office reports the use of methadone alone rose almost ten times between 1998 and 2006 to 4.1 million prescriptions. This increase in the number of prescriptions has led to more diversion and abuse of opioids. The Centers for Disease Control has pronounced that overdoses of prescription medication are so massive, that only automobile accidents are more frequent. These numbers indicate a need for people to seek drug addiction treatment.

Oxycontin addiction treatment has made advances over the past decade. Up until recently, physicians would prescribe other addictive opioids to help people who could not get off their own narcotic drugs.  This was commonly referred to maintenance treatment.  This way of drug addiction treatment was not legal until methadone was legal for the treatment of painkiller dependence in the mid 1960’s.

Methadone For Long-Term Drug Addiction Treatment

Methadone Maintenance Treatment has served a valuable function helping oxycontin addicts who have been unable to get completely off their drugs.  Even though methadone was a narcotic and patients would become dependent to this drug, it was thought to be more fitting to do this than have patients go to the streets for medications. Opioid addicts could now go to a doctor, receive guidance, and not have the nonstop risk of having withdrawals from oxycontin.

Methadone maintenance treatment for drug addiction has many advantages.  This treatment is managed firmly by the people in Washington.  It has shown to reduce crime in the cities where addicts are receiving this drug addiction treatment. Pregnant mothers have improved outcomes for their babies.  Methadone maintenance has allowed many people to maintain stable employment.

There are downsides to methadone maintenance assistance. Many of these clinics are placed in areas that are far for patients to travel.  Patients find it problematical to attend the clinic on an once a day basis.  Finally, many patients feel these drug addiction treatment centers do not extend the amount of privacy they want.

Suboxone Treatment for Oxycontin Drug Addiction

A newer form of painkiller maintenance treatment has been a standard over the past 10 years.  This drug addiction treatment uses the medication suboxone.  It has definite advantages over methadone.  One main advantage is that suboxone is given by thousands of doctors across the US instead of barely a few hundred as is the situation with methadone.

Suboxone overdose uncommonly results in death. This means it is a lot safer than methadone in this way.  Suboxone is abused less commonly than methadone because it does not provide the same high as methadone. Lastly, suboxone can be written monthly which is a benefit for people. The chief disadvantage to the application of suboxone is that it doesn’t seem to aid some of the extreme oxycontin addicts that methadone appears capable of doing

Recap Long-Term Oxycontin Drug Addiction Treatment

Physicians now have two prescription drugs used for opioid drug addiction maintenance help.  The earlier medication is methadone, and this is administered at approved clinics.  The newer drug suboxone, can be written from a doctors office. Because of the benefits of suboxone, many more patients pursuing assistance for oxycontin drug addiction are able to get help. If you are looking for opioid drug addiction treatment, use our suboxone dr directory to find assistance around you. If you want facts on methadone clinics, you can find more about a methadone treatment clinic here.

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