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Use a Methadone Clinic for Oxycontin Addiction

You can use a methadone clinic for oxycontin addiction treatment. Sometimes an Oxycontin addiction is so severe that a person is unable to get off the drug on their own. They have tried many time and the opioid withdrawals are just too much.

At this point a patient has a few options. They could see if their doctor could help taper them off with another opioid such as suboxone. Suboxone treatment has been used successfully for opioid detox over the past decade. However, we are finding that a severe opioid addiction usually requires some sort of maintenance treatment for serveral months to years. If suboxone treatment is unsuccessful, then the other option is going to a methadone clinic.

Methadone clinics have been around for some time now. They work well for many. A patient has to go to the clinic daily to get their medication. They will also be able to receive counseling and vocational assistance at the methadone clinic. Once a patient is doing well at the methadone clinic, they are allowed to go less frequently, but usually not less than once per week.

Methadone Clinic Problems

A lot of people have many problems with going to a methadone clinic for oxycontin addiction. They can be located in less safe parts of town. They can be crowded and a person may have less privacy. The frequent need for clinic appointments is one of the largest problems. Patients show up before work to get their medication. This can be particularly difficult for patients already experiencing problems on the job. It takes a lot of time and gas to go to a methadone clinic.

Running a methadone clinic requires approval from the government. They are regulated closely by the government. Nobody seems to want a methadone clinic in their neighborhood. It can be embarrassing to tell someone you are going to a methadone clinic. That said, attending a methadone clinic for opioid addiction treatment is a good option for many who have no other options.

Methadone Clinic Alternative

Find out more about a suboxone clinic near you. Suboxone is a good methadone clinic alternative. Suboxone is a good choice for patients who have a lower level of opioid addiction. The medication is prescribed in your own doctor’s office. Suboxone is allowed to be prescribed in a doctor’s office because is is safer than methadone. It is less likely to be abused and overdose is much more rare than with methadone.

Both methadone and suboxone have been used to treat opioid addiction in pregnant mothers. One can go to a methadone clinic and the doctor there will work with your Obgyn doctor to help deliver the healthiest baby possible. Suboxone can be used in the same way, but in the privacy of a doctor’s office. It is important to know that both methadone and suboxone treatments require counseling to help with other areas of addiction. Counseling is provided through a suboxone doctor or at a methadone clinic.

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