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The Dangers of Oxycontin Addiction

by pgh on March 31, 2013

The dangers of prescription pain relievers cannot be overlooked. With more and more people becoming addicted to these prescription pills all the time, it only makes sense to make yourself more aware of the situation and how to avoid it. Oxycontin is one of the most common prescription drugs people become addicted to, largely due to the fact that it is one doctors most typically recommend to patients.


There are many benefits of painkillers, for instance if you were in an automobile accident or you otherwise become injured, you could find yourself in serious pain. Not only do these medications work in regards to relieving pain, but also muscle tension. They prevent your muscles from staying constricted, which can actually speed up the recovery process. There are hundreds of different medications doctors can prescribe for pain, but a few in particular which are more often prescribed than others. That includes Oxycontin as one of the most popular and in turn, one that many people find themselves addicted to.


You are considered as having an addiction to Oxycontin when you reach the point where you are taking the medication but do not need it for your pain. You continue taking the drug because you need it to feel normal or to prevent experiencing withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal symptoms can include one or more of the following: anxiety, stomach issues, pain in the muscles, nausea and vomiting.


There are also certain specific social symptoms a person may exhibit when suffering from an Oxycontin addiction. That includes avoiding events and people they once enjoyed, communication cessation with friends and family, and a lacking in obligations in regards to children and work. When a person has a prescription pill addiction they will often lie and be secretive or deceitful, not only to cover up their addiction but also to get more pills. They will continue going to their doctor and pretending to still be in pain, in order to renew their prescription.


One of the big problems with prescription pill addiction is that many doctors are making it so easy for these addicts to continue refilling their prescription. Instead of looking into things more, doctors will often just believe their patients and allow them to fill their prescription again, without considering the length of time the person has been on the pills and whether or not they actually do need to continue taking them. A person can become addicted to painkillers within as little as a matter of weeks, so it does not have to be an extended period of time in order for this to happen.


If a person overdoses on Oxycontin or other prescription drugs, the effects can be serious and even life threatening. You may experience symptoms such as slowed breathing, weakness, dizziness, nausea or vomiting. At the signs of an overdose, you must seek medical attention right away. Oxycontin has the same effects as heroin in many ways, including the telltale signs of an overdose. Especially for a person with existing health issues, the results of an overdose can be catastrophic.


For any person suffering from a prescription pain addiction, it is important to seek help immediately. If you have a loved one you think is dealing with this problem, you can take that next step and help them get the treatment they need. The sooner a person starts dealing with their problem and getting help, the better. There are many rehab centers around the world specializing to this particular type of addiction. In a rehab center, an addict has a safe retreat where they are away from temptation and away from enablers who may not be helping their present situation. Even people who are close to you and who think they are trying to help, may be enabling you in ways they do not realize. By providing you with money or allowing you to lie and continue on this path, they are actually standing in the way of your success in recovery.


Painkillers can help take the edge off, allow you to relieve some of the pain while you are recovering. However, the big problem is that many people get too used to taking the pills and eventually become addicted to them. This is a serious situation, because doctors and even friends and family are often unaware the person has an addiction at all. Even with the commonality of this type of addiction, the majority of people still do not realize how serious the problem is.


Once you are more aware of the drug itself and how it works, you can understand how easy it is to become addicted. Oxycontin and other prescription pills can work wonders when used properly. It is only when they are used for the wrong reasons that they can become such a problem. For any person who is prescribed pain pills, ensure you take them only as prescribed, and stop taking them when your prescription initially runs out.

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