Oxycontin Addiction and Oxycontin Treatment

by pgh on July 18, 2011

Oxycontin Addiction 

oxycontin addiction and oxycontin treatment

oxycontin addiction and oxycontin treatment

If  you are looking for help and information on oxycontin addiction , you are in the right place.  Oxycontin addiction is the compulsive use of Oxycontin.  Oxycontin is the brand name for oxycodone .  Oxycodone is in the class of medications called narcotic drugs.  People who misuse oxycontin and narcotic drugs become physically dependent and suffer severe withdrawal when trying to get off this medication.

Oxycontin addiction can start with using narcotic medications for pain relief.  Many people never intend to have a narcotic addiction , but once they use the medication long enough, they can’t stop.  Others addicted to oxycontin by switching over from another drug such as heroin.  Yet others, such as high school students are introduced to oxycontin pills just to “party.”  Soon they find they cannot stop taking the medications.

How do you know if you have oxycontin addiction ?

People with oxycontin addiction will experience severe withdrawals if they suddenly stop the medication.    They may experience sweating, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal cramping, “goose bumps,” and the urge to use again. Theses narcotic withdrawal symptoms are usually not fatal, but can cause death in certain individuals.   It is so hard to stop the pills because after restarting the medication, one will fell better immediately.  Also, there is a high with oxycontin that some describe the most euphoric feeling they have ever had.

Oxycontin addiction involves more than physical symptoms.  There is a loss of control of use.  One will find they are using more and more oxycontin to feel normal.  They begin missing important personal events in order to seek the drug or to get high.  People will place themselves in dangerous situations to get the drug.  They may drive while “high,” or go to dangerous areas to get the oxycontin.

Oxycontin Addiction :  Oxycontin Treatment

One way to get off oxycontin is to slowly reduce the medication over several weeks.  On will experience the above symptoms and have narcotic withdrawal.  If one stops oxycontin immediately, the worst of the oxycontin withdrawal will happen the first 3-5 days.  It is very difficult to avoid restarting oxycontin use, but some people are able to do it.

Another choice is to go to your doctor for oxyontin treatment and have them slowly reduce the oxycontin.  They may want to use a different narcotic during oxycontin detox.  Your doctor also has prescription drugs available to help with the narcotic withdrawal symptoms.  This type of treatment allows one to have privacy regarding oxycontin treatment while getting medical treatment.

Going into the hospital for oxycontin addiction and oxycontin treatment is still done.  The hospital setting allows constant supervision and support.  Oxycontin withdrawal symptoms are monitored throughout the day an can be treated quickly.  The hospital will provide oxycontin treatment groups to begin the path of recovery.  Many addiction hospitals have both a “partial hospitalization” or “intensive outpatient” options.  Patients will live at home, but come to groups during the day and get changes to their medications every day.  Some hospitals offer “ultra rapid detox” where they put a person under anesthesia for a day while they withdraw from the narcotic.  This is very expensive.

The final to get oxycontin treatment if one has oxycontin addiction is called opioid maintenance therapy.  This is where you become physically dependent on another narcotic such as methadone or buprenorphine ( suboxone ).  The patient has to attend treatment groups and they are give the narcotic medication while highly supervised.  This is done because there is over a 90% relapse rate among people addicted to narcotics. This allows addicts to obtain narcotics without having to steal or have further legal or family troubles.  Suboxone treatment has several benefits that methadone does not have.  It can be prescribed by your family doctor and is has less abuse and overdose potential.

Summary: Oxycontin Addiction and Oxycontin Treatment

Oxycontin is a medication used for severe pain.  It is also highly abused. Some people become addicted to oxycontin by accident, and others by looking for a way to get “high.”  One is addicted to oxycontin when they can’t stop using the medication an it has been interfering in there lives. They may have legal, family, or medical problems from Oxycontin , yet they continue to use oxycontin.  There are several oxycontin treament options available today from going “cold turkey” to getting medically supervided oxycontin detox.


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